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External SATA Cables (eSATA Serial ATA)

  • External SATA 3 Gb Data Cables

    The SATA protocol & interface was designed as an interface that existed only within the server or PC. This was done to improve the performance and add new features to internal PC disk and cd drives.

    The next step was to expand to externally connected storage devices. The designers decide to call this interface external SATA or eSATA

    Key benefits of eSATA
    • Up to 6 times faster than USB 2.0 or 1394
    • Robust and user-friendly external connection
    • High performance, cost-effective expansion storage
    • Up to 2 meter shielded cables and connectors
    • Supports 1.5 & 3.0 Gb/s transfer rates

    The external cable connector is a shielded version of the connector specified in SATA 1.0a with these basic differences:

    • To prevent the use of unshielded internal cables in external applications,
       the External connector has no “L” shaped key,
       and the guide features are vertically offset and reduced in size.

    • To prevent ESD damage, the insertion depth is increased from 5mm to 6.6mm
       and the contacts are mounted further back
       in both the receptacle and plug.

    • To provide EMI protection and meet FCC and CE emission requirements,
       the cable has an extra layer of shielding,
       and the connectors have metal contact points.

    • There are springs as retention features
       built into the connector shield on both the top and bottom surfaces.

    External eSATA Cable Click for larger picture!

    Connects any external eSATA II drive. This premium cable uses thicker gauge cable and is shielded to provide EMI/RFI protection. Optimized for data storage with up to 300MBps transfer rate. Click here for drawing!

    eSA/0.5: 0.5 Meter SATA cable with (2) eSATA connectors
    eSA/1: 1 Meter SATA cable with (2) eSATA connectors
    eSA/2: 2 Meter SATA cable with (2) eSATA connectors


  • Dual Data Port eSATA II Add-A-Port Slot Mounting Bracket

    Dual eSATA enclosure adapter Click for larger picture!

    SATA2B-2P: Premium Dual Data Port eSATA II Add-A-Port Slot Mounting Bracket

    This expansion bracket connects to your Serial ATA enabled motherboard and provides two eSATA II external data ports. It has a mounting metal slot bracket with built-in 11inch cables to connect to the motherboard. Supports up to 300MBps data transfer.